SeaStar complete phase 2 of the Alderney South Bank Survey

19 May 2011
SeaStar Survey Ltd have made use of the settled weather conditions in April and May to complete the second phase of the South Bank survey. Using a Kongsberg OE 14-206 dropdown video and stills camera…

Commission appoints Marine Environmental Research Consultants

15 April 2011
ABP Marine Environmental Research Ltd., a company with an acknowledged reputation in the field of Environmental Assessments, was appointed, after a tender process, to assist the Commission as an They…

Alderney South Bank survey

11 April 2011
SeaStar Survey completed phase 1 of the Alderney South Bank survey in March 2011. This part of the survey was to record the physical dimensions of the Bank using GeoSwath and Side Scan high sonar The…

Retirement of the Commission Chairman

12 January 2011
Dr John Antill, Chairman of the Alderney Commission has announced his retirement.  Dr Antill has worked for the Commission for seven years and has been Chairman for the last eighteen months. who…

Representation at the 4th International Tidal Energy Summit

14 December 2010
Alderney Commission for Renewable Energy represented at the 4 th International Tidal Energy Summit. Captain Robert Barton attended the 4 th  International Tidal Energy Summit on behalf of the of…

Hydrology Research Project

18 November 2010
The Commission is pleased to report that at the beginning of November 2010 it entered into a contract with the University of Southampton to carry out a hydrology research project.  The research…

November 2010 Update

11 November 2010
The Commission has signed a contract with SeaStar Survey of Southampton for them to carry out survey operations in the area of the South Bank in the Alderney Race. The survey will include an acoustic…

Commissioner Appointment

29 July 2010
The Commission is pleased to announce the appointment of a fourth Commissioner, Professor John Sharp, as of July 2010. John Sharp is a visiting Professor at Cranfield University where he teaches on a…

Ecological Assessment Survey

14 June 2010
The Commission is pleased to have negotiated a contract with Alderney Wildlife Trust Enterprises Ltd. to carry out an Ecological Assessment Survey within Longis Bay and associated areas. The survey…

Guidance Notes

30 May 2010
The Commission announces the publication of further guidance notes concerning its regulatory framework. Please refer to the library section of this website to download these documents.

Commissioner Appointment

6 May 2010
The Commission is pleased to welcome on board a newly appointed Commissioner, Captain Robert Barton, as of April 2010. Captain Barton has extensive marine experience and skills that will be a asset…

Project Assistant – Dr Laura F White

23 January 2010
Laura White has now completed her 6 month contract with the Commission. During this time she contributed on ecological matters including the development of an ecological checklist which is of great…