Representation at the 4th International Tidal Energy Summit

Representation at the 4th International Tidal Energy Summit

14 December 2010

Alderney Commission for Renewable Energy represented at the 4thInternational Tidal Energy Summit.

Captain Robert Barton attended the 4th International Tidal Energy Summit on behalf of the Commission.  Most of the major international companies attended reflecting the growing interest in tidal energy development.

Many relevant and interesting topics were covered including:

Updates from most equipment developers including Rolls Royce, Hammerfest Strom, and Marine Current Turbines.

Electricity Grid capacity and connectivity issues by the UK National Grid.

Regulation and consenting by Marine Scotland and UK Marine Management Organisation.

Legal, financing, subsidies and management of risk.

The Commission believes it is essential to attend the most relevant conferences to keep abreast of the latest developments in the Industry and maintain a high profile for the Alderney Tidal Project.