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The Renewable Energy (Alderney) Law, 2007 established the Alderney Commission for Renewable Energy (the Commission) with powers to licence and regulate the operation, deployment, use or management of all forms of renewable energy in the island of Alderney and its territorial waters.

The Law and its subsequent amendment also prohibit the operation, deployment, use or management of any form of renewable energy in the Island and its territorial waters unless licensed by the Commission.

ACRE currently has no responsibility for FAB Link. This is an interconnector cable proposing to transmit electricity from France to the UK. As it is not a 'renewable energy system' and as there is currently no renewable energy component to this electricity it is outside ACRE’s statutory powers to be involved.

Statutory Responsibilities

Impact on Humans

The Commission shall consider any applications with particular regard to the protection of human health and what is reasonably considered to be in the best interest of the Island of Alderney.

Environmental Impact

Any Consent application requires an Environmental Statement including an assessment of the potential impacts to the marine, air and land environments and ecosystems. The Commission completed a Regional Environmental Assessment (REA) for Alderney and its territorial waters to provide information on the environmental considerations and risks associated with renewable energy development.

Impact on Activities

Potential for interference with shipping, fishing and other lawful activitiers in Alderney's waters will be considered by the Commission and there will be public consultation in accordance with The Renewable Energy (Alderney) Ordinance 2008 before deciding whether to grant an application.

Commission’s consents process

Commissioners are responsible for licensing and the regulation of renewable energy activities.

The Commission’s marine consents process is robust, transparent and straightforward. It is a two stage process, stage 1 being the grant of a licence to conduct preparatory survey, tidal measurements and other investigations over a concession of one or more blocks, and stage 2 being the grant of a further licence to deploy, operate and use a renewable energy system within Alderney territorial waters. Operating consent will require applicants to obtain all necessary licences and permits from relevant statutory consultees. Guidance on the Consents process is available here to view and can be downloaded from our document library.



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