Static ADCP surveys

22 June 2012
The Commission is planning to start static ADCP measurement surveys this summer in selected sites which have been identified as potentially suitable for tidal turbines.

Performance Assessment of Wave and Tidal (PerAWaT) Project

7 June 2012
PerAWaT is an Energy Technologies Institute (ETI) funded programme led by EDF. The project aims to produce models which can predict the potential interactions between marine renewable energy and…

Renewable Energy (Alderney) (Amendment) Law, 2011

6 January 2012
Following a period of consultation, the Draft Renewable Energy (Alderney) (Amendment) Law, 2011 was approved by the States of Alderney Policy & Finance Committee at their meeting of 24 and a…

Completion of Alderney Southbank Survey

18 November 2011
SeaStar Survey Ltd has complete acoustic and environmental baseline surveys of the Alderney South Bank sandbanks. The survey has encompassed dropdown video and stills photography of the to…

Appointment of Project Assistant

5 October 2011
We are pleased to welcome Teo van der Kammen to the Commission as Project Assistant on a fixed term contract basis. Teo comes to the Commission having recently completed an MSc in Marine Renewable at…

Draft Renewable Energy (Alderney) (Amendment) Law, 2011

9 September 2011
This document and a summary are placed on the website for four weeks to enable interested parties to access the content. All written comments to be made to the Commission by 6 September 2011. To the…

Appointment of Project Assistant

24 June 2011
We are pleased to welcome Dr. Laura White to the Commission as Project Assistant on a fixed term contract basis. Laura comes to the Commission with qualifications in Marine Environmental In…

Commissioners attend All-Energy 2011 Event

24 June 2011
Commission Interim Chairman Pamela Dixon attended All-Energy 2011 in May. The annual conference, now in its 11 th  year, was held at the AECC in Aberdeen. With over 500 exhibitors, and on all of…

Guide to the Consents process - Marine

16 June 2011
The revised version of the Marine Consents Guide is now avaialble for download from our Library. June 2011

Commission supports Liverpool University Gannet Study in Alderney

24 May 2011
The Commission has agreed to support a study by the University of Liverpool in conjunction with Alderney Wildlife Trust (AWT) and the British Trust for Ornithology (BTO). The study will commence in a…

SeaStar complete phase 2 of the Alderney South Bank Survey

19 May 2011
SeaStar Survey Ltd have made use of the settled weather conditions in April and May to complete the second phase of the South Bank survey. Using a Kongsberg OE 14-206 dropdown video and stills camera…

Commission appoints Marine Environmental Research Consultants

15 April 2011
ABP Marine Environmental Research Ltd., a company with an acknowledged reputation in the field of Environmental Assessments, was appointed, after a tender process, to assist the Commission as an They…